Up With People
Cast B World Tour

STAGING Tucson Arizona
July 6-August 10
Cast B Dress Rehearsal August 9, 1980
Safford Arizona August 12-14
[Up with People Day proclaimed by Safford Mayor Curtis]
St. Johns Arizona August 16-19
[Performance at Apache County Fairground, learned
about history of Mormonism from Bishop Gardner. Picnic
with host families]
Holbrook Arizona August 19
[Received 2nd talk on Mormonism]
Window Rock/Ft. Defiance Arizona August 20
[Toured Canyon De Chelly en route to Navajo Taco
Dinner. Janelle's father taught us some Navajo words,
Janelle modeled traditional clothing, Bo attempted
making Fry Bread, Mike Fahey demonstrates
"traditional" dancing.  We are joined by cousins Steve
Jackson (Cast ?) and Jack Jackson (Cast A) in this city.]
Grants New Mexico August 22
[North American Championship Rodeo en route to
Grants, the "Uranium Capital of the World." First
"Activities Bus" consisted of French lesson and a First
Aid demonstration of the Heimlich Maneuver]
Farmington New Mexico August 25
[Four Corners National Monument]
Alamosa Colorado August 30
[Learned about solar energy and initiated "News on the
Nines" to keep us informed on current events.]
Canyon City Colorado September 1
[Co. State Penn performance before 500 prisoners, ate
lunch with 23 prisoners who had helped us unload our
Leadville Colorado September 3
[7 Cast members hyperventilate second night due to
altitude, Mariette hospitalized.  Busses broke down on
Wolf Creek Pass and cast had to hike along the road
while they cooled down.]
Fort Collins Colorado September 6
Greeted by full fledge parade upon arrival, cast received
carnations from CSU cheerleaders. Sang National
Anthem at Air Force vs. Colorado State Football Game
and UWP Alumni made taco dinner and did skits on
UWP life. Janey V and Tammy C joined our cast on the
road here. Lisa Cypert remembers Ft. Collins this way:
"Ft. Collins stands out in my mind.  We wanted a police escort for you when you came to town.  They wouldn't give us an escort, but we could have a parade permit.  A parade?  No problem!  I just went door to door whenever I saw an antique car or anything else that might concievably be in a parade.  The fire men loved the idea, and played our theme song on their loud speaker as they led us through town.  Then we needed a spot to have lunch (the theatre had no available space).  The post office was across the street.  I convinced them that as tax payers, we ought to be able to eat lunch on their nice lawn. And they said yes!  And when we needed transport to our children's hospital visit, all I could find was an RV dealer ready to help us.  How many of you rode in the bath tub?  In the dining area?  I was insane.  But stuff like that still makes me laugh."
Denver Colorado September 9
[Tenneco show George Washington High School]
Cozad Nebraska September 10
[Monroe Auto Division, Shock Plant Tour, we did our first
evening outdoor street show]
Marshalltown Iowa September 16
[Hay wagon ride to dinner]
Milwaukee Wisconsin September 18
[Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Game Performance, our
first experience with lip-syncing to pre-recorded
music...and it wasn't pretty]
Rittman Ohio September 22
[Tenneco Packaging Corp Plant Tour, Michelle's father
(one time Republican Party state chair, spoke to cast
about American political system...U.S. federal election
Ogdensburg New York September 23
[We were late arriving from Ohio and so we stopped at
one of those Sizzler-type restaurants where we ate
several days worth of calories in one sitting, and then we
arrived in Ogdensburg where Daniel was doing PR.  He
jumped on the buses and told us all that our host
families had been waiting FOREVER and had planned
these huge dinners for us to eat.  Of course we obliged
them.  1.5 hour cast meeting.  Tim Houlton's father
spoke to us about controlling stress--no mention of
Malone New York September 26 [stopped at an
elementary school en route to interact with Mohawk
Middlebury Vermont September 27
[Middlebury College, BBQ and football with local Lions
and Rotary on arrival, leaves start to change]
Salem Massachusetts October 1-3
[Salem Witch Museum, House of Seven Gables, Botched
Canadian rescue attempt of webmaster who was being
held by host father (in more ways than one)]
Somersworth New Hampshire October 5 [Learned
about the effects of radiation.  Two shows at HS
Worcester Massachusetts October 8
[Old Sturbridge Village, Staff made Hawaiian dinner with
the theme "Staff are People Too"]
Vernon New Jersey October 14
[Half cast flew to Tarpin Springs Florida to do show at
Digital Computers Convention, Half cast had an
education day in NYC on Oct 15 and toured Playboy
Club en route]
Newport News, Virginia October 16
[Commissioned nuclear cruiser U.S.S. Arkansas (Rob
conscientiously objected), Tenneco reception]
Culpepper, Virginia October 21
[Monticello en route, Williamsburg Tour 10/20. Cast
evaluated first 6 weeks on the road.]
Harrisonburg Virginia October 24
[Toured 2 Tenneco Plants (mufflers/cardboard) in one
Frederick Maryland October 26
[Cast taught God's Skin in sign language, Performance
Washington D.C. October 27
[Cast education day]
Manassas Virginia October 28
[Harpers Ferry en route, Red Cross Assembly with Full
Cast, 35 of the cast did smaller convention show for
national wholesale druggists]
Philadelphia Pennsylvania November 3
[UWP Day Proclamation, very windy, Ken got a dirt clod
in his eye and had to have eye surgery]
Piscataway New Jersey November 5
[UWP Day Proclamation, sang songs in State Capitol]
Bernardsville New Jersey November 8
St. Louis Missouri November 10
[1/2 cast flew to Nat'l Tour Bus Assoc Convention by
plane, rewrote words to Earthship on a bumpy return]
Port Jervis New York November 13
[Results from cast survey taken in Tucson revealed to
cast what our careers should be.  Cast then toured
funeral home...hmmm.]
Bayville New York November 15
[Circle Line Tour of Manhattan 11/16]
Dallas Pennsylvania November 17
Oneonta New York November 19
Ithaca New York November 22
[Cornell University tour]
Glens Falls New York November 24
[Entire cast went ice skating. Thanksgiving dinner
prepared by cast members who were paired by
computer date, cast talent show]
Bennington Vermont November 29
[Belgium and Netherlands cast members prepared
Wellesley Massachusetts December 1 [Toured
Boston and had difficult setup/strike in sub freezing cold
weather with stage on the second of third floor of a
building without an elevator.
Pittsfield Massachusetts December 4
[Laura helped cast celebrate Channukah by cooking a
traditional Jewish dinner]
Albany New York December 7
[Cast date night with movies.  Joined by Miguel Paredes
(Cast A) Staff did setup.]
Syracuse New York December 9
Amsterdam New York December 11
[Cast spent entire day filming UWP's new 30-second tv
Washington DC December 13
[White House tour, IBM Christmas Performance in JFK
Centre for the PA, Mikhail Baryshnikoff actually
performing in theatre next door, meets some cast
Chestertown Maryland December 16
[Cast Christmas Banquet, slide show of first semester]
Willingboro New Jersey December 17
Perkasie, Pennsylvania December 19

SEMESTER BREAK December 21-January 5

St. Augustine, Florida January 6 [Cast visited the
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind]
Fernadina Beach Florida January 10
Daytona Beach Florida  January 12 [Cast visits
Daytona International Speedway.  "Task 10" --ten
castmates stayed in an all black community college for
recruiting purposes]
Brandon Florida January 18 [Bo's hometown.  Much of
the cast spent a free day at Disneyworld]
Bradenton Florida January 20 [Bradenton Surprise
revealed by Dale Penny...our European Tour was being
cut in half to give Cast C a consolation prize for a
cancelled South American tour]
Fort Meyers Florida January 24 [Visited Thomas
Edison winter home along with the world's largest shell
Arcadia Florida January 28
[11 mile canoe trip on the alligator infested Peace River]
Naples Florida January 31
[Cast beach party at Naples Beach]
Miami Florida (Dates Needed)
[Everglades Boat tour en route to Miami, Cuban
Involvement Day...entire cast received big "R" Ransom
t-shirts which we wore the rest of the tour]
Fitzgerald, Georgia (Dates Needed)
[Creepy snake presentation, UWP commercial premiere,
Surprise Cast A set-up and a few hours visit with Cast A.

Depart Atlanta, Georgia for Belgium (Dates Needed)

Antwerpen Belgium (Dates Needed) [Remember...what seemed like a
sleepless 3-day trans-Atlantic flight followed by a
sleepless 4-hour bus ride that dropped us off "fresh as
jet-lagged daisies" at a sponsor meet and greet?  At
some point in the next 48 hours, this travel drill was
followed up with a 3-hr walking tour of Antwerp led by
over-caffeinated University students]
Charleroi Belgium (Dates Needed)
Visé Belgium (Dates Needed)
Virton Belgium (Dates Needed)
La Louvière Belgium February 26 [In our city profile
sheet, it read: "In nearby Mons, there is a large
university, but in La Louviere, there is nothing."]
Huy Belgium March 1
[Carnival Costume Banquet with Host Families, toured a
nuclear power plant, visited a pewter factory and at least
5 cast members ditched the tours for a multi-pub field
trip of their own.]
Leuven Belgium March 6 [Toured Stella Artois
Brewery and did a corporate show for the employees of
Bastogne Belgium March 9
Oostende Belgium March 14
Dilbeek Belgium March 16
Gent Belgium March 20
Roeselare-Izegem Belgium March 21
Paris, France March 24
[Cast Activity Day in Paris]
Kerkrade Netherlands March 24-27
Apeldoorn Netherlands [Princess Margariete meets
with the cast. Career Day, Patti discovered she wasn't
cut out to be a surgeon who did the cutting and promptly
fainted into a tray of sterilized surgical instruments and
was put on 24 hour concussion-watch.  In another
surgical theater, Victor and Tammi Carmack observe
eye surgery with similar results. President Ronald Regan
is shot leaving a Washington D.C. building; Jeff, Gely
and Mike Fahey leave the cast in this city and the
Rogues have a not-so-rare unity flare-up]
Roermond/Weert Netherlands April 1-4
[Cast Anything Goes Day]
SHAPE Belgium April 7-8
[Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers of Europe
show.  Tim G refuels on Mountain Dew at the military
base commisary.]
Sittard Netherlands April 8-10
s'Hertogenbosch Netherlands April 11 [Visited the
sloping navigation lock of Ronquieres]
Tubize Belgium April 13-15 [Hiked to the top of
Napolean's Waterloo monument]
Knokke-Heist Belgium April 17
[Cast visits Brugge/Free Day part of cast visits London,
Namur Belgium April 17-19
Spring Break
Kortrijk Belgium April 22 [Our show here benefited the
Belgian Olympic Committee and was held in the
Bruxelles, Belgium (Brussels) April 24-29
Cast Flies to U.S.A. "We're Coming to America"
Highland Lakes New Jersey [We have a brief though
down-played visit with Cast C as they are leaving for
Europe to finish OUR tour].
Kane Pennsylvania (Dates Needed)
Succasunna New Jersey (Dates Needed)
Richmond Virginia ? (City clarification and Dates Needed)
Harrisonburg Virginia (Second time in this city)
Potomac Maryland May 17
Burke Virginia (Dates Needed)
Easton Maryland (Dates Needed) [Cast rides on two firetrucks in a city parade].
Dover Delaware (Dates Needed)
Montvale New Jersey (Dates Needed) [Janet V. finally "had it" with Grandad's Wooden Chain and walked off the edge of
the stage to land in the first rows without missing a note]
New Bedford Massachusetts (Dates Needed)
[Outdoor night show on plywood stage built on City Hall
steps something like 12 feet off the ground]
Putnam Connecticut (Dates Needed)
Madison Connecticut (Dates Needed)
Simsbury Connecticut (Dates Needed)
Waterbury Connecticut June 14
[Final Cast B performance]

World Tour Dates


Tucson Staging July 1-Aug 8, 1980
Tucson Dress Rehearsal August 9, 1980

First Tour Performance Safford, AZ August 11, 1980

Last Tour Performance Waterbury, CT June 14, 1981


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