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Up with People


Up with People (UWP) was founded by J. Blanton Belk in 1965 as a positive voice for young people during a turbulent period in the United States. More than 21,000 young men and women from more than 102 countries have come together to travel in 180 casts to deliver a common message of hope and goodwill to people around the world, and pursue their own global education and personal growth goals through service, music and travel. UWP has visited more than 4,000 communities in 42 countries. Over 3 million hours of community service have been performed by UWP students. An estimated 22 million people worldwide have been directly impacted by UWP.

UWP International Alumni Association


Founded in 1989, the Up with People International Alumni Association provides a framework through which Up with People alumni can build productive networks; participate in activities; foster mutually-beneficial communication, collaboration and support among alumni; and impact the ongoing mission of Up with People.  All individuals who were accepted into the Up with People program and who completed staging/orientation, who have traveled as a cast member or served as staff member of Up with People or WorldSmart, who were in any national traveling cast of Sing Out, or who were on the staff of PACE magazine are members of the association.

UWP 80B Facebook Group


Remarkably, 73 of our original cast of 100, is on Facebook and connected with a unique Facebook Group.  If you aren't part of this group and want to be, please send an email to the webmaster for this site. 

Also, Monica Wilfong is our Cast B representative to the Up With People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA). If you have a question or an idea for UWPIAA, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will route your email to Monica.

Webmaster's Notes 


It is an honor for me to be the unofficial keeper of the Cast B 80-81 Internet archives as well as curate the UWPClassics YouTube Channel. Our cast website does have website hosting costs and I am grateful that over the years, other castmates have helped me cover these costs. The website hosting plan renews every two years in July as it is set to do again in 2021. It would be smart to have a webmaster redundancy plan and nice to have additional "sponsors" so if anyone would be interested in co-hosting or sponsoring this website or being a backup curator for the UWPClassics YouTube Channel, please reach out to me.

Michael Scott Curnes

We’d love to hear from you!

If you traveled with us, but haven't been in the webmaster for this site.

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