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What Happens         on the Bus

Doesn't necessarily STAY

on the bus!


About the Busses & Bus Drivers

They were charter busses that came with drivers

Previous and casts that followed ours chartered the same bus and drivers for a semester but for Cast B 80-81, it was a different set of busses and drivers that got us between most towns.

Laurie Garnder (Samora)

    Education/Activity Bus

    Seemed silly since we learned new stuff on both busses!

    While not a formal division of bus functions, one bus was loosely designated the sleeping bus and the other the education or activity bus.

    Bob Kelly


      Off Stage

      No matter how you looked at it or which bus you chose

      We weren't performing and we were out of sight of our host families, our sponsors and for the most part, completely unsupervised!

      Longest Bus Ride: Rittman, Ohio and Ogdensburg, NY (596 miles) 

        Where we REALLY got to know each other

        We traveled nearly 12,000 miles on a bus

        There were two bathrooms for 90+ passengers, but those bathrooms (I understand) saw LOTS OF ACTION! In Europe, the busses had ZERO bathrooms!


          Cast B 80-81 Travel Day 2.jpg

          Cast B Bus Facts

          Cast B's primary mode of transportation was by bus, two of them, almost always traveling in tandem, preceded or followed by our equipment truck carrying 8+ tonnes of equipment and usually a staff car or van.


          During our first semester, we travelled a total of 11,571.3 miles--almost exclusively by bus. We had some extraordinary travel days like when the busses couldn't make it over the Wolf Creek Pass between Farmington NM and Alamosa CO with all of us onboard. So we got out and hiked along the road for a fair distance before getting on back on the busses.

          Our longest travel day by bus during the 1st semester was 596 miles between Rittman, Ohio and Ogdensburg, New York.

          During our second semester, we travelled a total of 15,256.2 miles (including our flight from Atlanta to Brussells). Our longest travel day was 519 miles between Miami, FL and Fitzgerald, GA.

          None of the busses had bathrooms aboard in Europe so fortunately travel distances were usually short with potty stops usually factored into the mix.


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