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Remembering Cathy Kundrat, Celebrating All of You

Hello Castmates.

In honor of our castmate Cathy Kundrat, whose Celebration of Life is being held tomorrow in California, I have rebuilt and reprised our Cast B website. We are of that age, 37 years-on from that youthful year we shared together, where remembering faces and details can be challenging and the promise to "get together again" can be hampered by unfathomable loss. A few years ago, I made the decision, financial at the time and based on the statistics that nobody was really accessing the Cast website anymore, to take down the cast website in order to save the $120 a year.

Learning that we lost Cathy to cancer last Sunday hit me hard--both as a cancer survivor and a castmate. As far as I can tell, Cathy never missed a reunion, was always so genuinely grateful and appreciative for any time we gathered together; she often expressed her thanks for my work on our original cast website, my decision to curate the UWPClassics Video Archive channel on YouTube and my role in "The Journey" installation for UWP's 50th Anniversary in Orlando in 2015. When I realize how much Cathy went out of her way to recognize my efforts and contributions, it just made sense for me to honor Cathy by reprising our cast website. Since that moment last week when Pamela phoned me with news none of us wanted to hear, I have been working around the clock to create a brand new cast website.

At a time when all of us are searching for answers and memories and the inspiration to celebrate the people and the moments that mean/meant the most to us, I am really pleased to present to you our new UWP Cast B 80-81 website; reimagined and relaunched in honor of those in our cast family who have already left the stage: Cathy Kundrat, Steve Mohn, Mark Tischler and Nancy Davis:

As Laura told me on the phone last Wednesday, "we have to make plans now for another reunion." Our 40th is quickly coming up in the Year 2020; that is if we don't manage to "palooza an excuse" to see each other again sooner.

In the meantime, I hope you draw inspiration and resolve to get and stay connected with each other from this website.



Michael Scott Curnes Victoria, British Columbia

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